Jobs to do

Jobs To Do

As Louisiana’s largest manufacturing employer, ExxonMobil knows the value of steady employment for families and their communities. For over 110 years, we have provided livelihoods, opportunities and workforce investment for our citizens to prepare for career success in the future. With one in every 10 local jobs traced back to ExxonMobil, we’re proud that energy lives in Baton Rouge.

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Energy Devoted to Our Economy

Training Our Neighbors
Our support of the North Baton Rouge Industrial Training Initiative has connected 187 of our neighbors to industry jobs and is expected to help another 260 graduates this year.
Supporting Local Businesses
In 2018, our projects sent $81.9 million to minority, women, small, veteran and disabled businesses. We spent $3.2 million in North Baton Rouge alone with 555 local suppliers.
Keeping BR Rolling
As the largest property taxpayer in Louisiana, we pay more than $100 million in total taxes annually (after credits and rebates).
Creating New Jobs
We are the largest manufacturing employer in Louisiana, with nearly 6,000 employees and contractors, a $585 million annual payroll and over 1,300 new hires over the past five years.

Meet the Kids of Baton Rouge!

With one in 10 jobs in the Baton Rouge area tied to ExxonMobil, it’s no wonder that our talented cast of kids in this fun video series all have parents connected to ExxonMobil in some way. We thank them for sharing their love of Baton Rouge with us and for making us smile proudly.